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Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.

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Sleep is the suspension of bodily function. As the word of the day, Grammarian Natalie explained how sleep was detrimental to every living being, from humans to flowers, as we all slumber without care and unalert. Finding Purpose in a Pandemic was the topic presented by Erika. She described her experience during the pandemic days ... read more.

Lecture theatre image taken from the side of the stage showing the audience, all eyes on the speaker who is not in the shot

Go on, back yourself!

  Whāia e koe te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe, me he maunga teitei Pursue excellence – should you stumble, let it be to a lofty mountain This week’s blog is a reflection on our Open Day meeting, or – because in reality every meeting is open to anyone who’s curious to see what ... read more.

Childhood Dreams: When I grow up I want to be…..

Starting from a chilly morning of -2, it was nice and warm in the Rakaia room. Sergeant at Arms Roydon got us started with the matter of facts interspersed with a bit of humour. Toastmaster Kori welcomed us, along with new member Aaron and visitor Julian, with the theme of “Childhood Dreams: When I grow ... read more.

Loud Clothing Friday

A cold Friday morning got a vibrant splash of colour at the recent Boaters Toastmasters meeting. The theme of ‘Loud Clothing Friday’ was led by Richard Smart, who donned the Toastmaster’s hat for the first time. The meeting was entertaining with stories of Boaters members fashion mishaps… you had to be there. Shaun Jacob revisited ... read more.

Man presenting a speech while standing at a lectern

Reflections on my Pathways journey

Ever wondered what goes in to completing a Pathway? For his final speech as a Boater, outgoing member, Gerald Hartley gave us a stunning overview of the projects completed and lessons learned throughout the course of his Dynamic Leadership Pathway. Here’s a transcript of his speech, along with the timings he used as a guide. ... read more.

How did I get here?

Imagination flowed through this meeting led by Dee with some extremely interesting speeches. Louise had a six minute speech talking about neurodiversity and the autism spectrum. Just like there is vast diversity in the way humans look, there is also vast diversity in human minds. I think this is great! Life would be boring if we all ... read more.

Look To The Stars

Member blog by Rachel Walton. Thank you to our Toastmaster of the morning – David Cooper, who successfully interwove the “look to the stars” theme throughout our meeting We had such a stellar meeting today – what a great word choice from today’s Grammarian, Cam Parsonson. We were challenged to weave this word into our ... read more.

Welcome Back to Reality

The first meeting of the year: Welcome back to reality! Welcome to our two guests: Nancy & Nemir. Today we were challenged to not use the word “good” for the whole meeting. Max Delaney: The Heart of the Mainland Led us through what to do throughout the year at Lake Dunstan (Cromwell) and central Otago ... read more.

Something new for Boaters!

The theme for the latest Toastmaster session was “Do Something New” and that’s exactly what Roydon did, introducing the meeting in the form of an aircraft safety video, winning him this week’s Toastie award. Lance who is a building manager gave us an educational 7-minute speech on the process of building a new home and ... read more.

Oh the places we’ll go…

Member blog by Roydon Gibbs. Post Covid Travel: Where are you going to? That was the question Toastmaster Rachel Walton challenged us with this week at Boaters meeting number 1060. Our multicultural Boaters team took us all on a trip around the world. Canada seemed a popular destination. But there were plenty of other locations ... read more.