Boaters Toastmasters

Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.


Sleep is the suspension of bodily function. As the word of the day, Grammarian Natalie
explained how sleep was detrimental to every living being, from humans to flowers, as we all
slumber without care and unalert.

Finding Purpose in a Pandemic was the topic presented by Erika. She described her
experience during the pandemic days and how almost all her friends and families were
feeling homesick. She talked about her love of mashed potatoes despite her inexperience in
doing so. With the help of her friends during their get-together, she managed to get better
day by day. From forgetting to boil the potatoes to creating a perfect creamy one, reflecting
on this experience, she learned a very valuable lesson on how constant practice and
perseverance were the keys to self-improvement both in her work life and personal life. She
also uses this opportunity to improve her gestures and speech from her previous icebreaker

It’s been almost 329 days since her last speech, but senior toastmaster Alana delivered her
speech on her topic, “What’s My Leadership Style?” She explained her career journey
throughout the years and how it affected her leadership abilities. From being a prominent
figure in Pathfinders to a committee member of Bodycorp, she shared her experience of how
her leadership style constantly changed to suit her needs and issues during that time. On a
personal level leadership, she utilizes the coaching style of leadership as it is the best
solution for guiding and introducing new members. In decision-making events, she switches
back to a democratic style of leadership to help her decide mailbox placements and
feedback from other members during her time in Bodycorp. Alana showed her audience that
leadership style doesn’t have to be rigid and, in fact, can be flexible.

As a contestant for District 72, Dee continued her story “Same Same Different.” Dee talks
about how her childhood joys and grief shaped her as a person. Being a mum herself of 2
children, she reframed her story as wisdom to be imparted. “We look the same, yet we are
different; we all have our own struggles, and yet we strive to be better to nurture the future.”
The activity was followed by table topics, which Steven presented. Stuart was up and talked
about TV in the bedroom. He explained how the current generation has way more access to
entertainment than when he was a kid. He emphasized the importance of reading and
socializing instead. Up next was Helen, who humorously proclaimed she is an early bird who
likes to catch the worm instead of being a night owl, which is what her husband is. Lastly,
Felipe, a former member of Toastmasters from another branch as a guest, told his love story
with New Zealand as a foreigner and how he fell in love with NZ ever since the earthquake
back in 2011.

Evaluations wrapped the entire course of the event. As the evaluator, Stuart praised Erika’s
confidence and expression. Sabine was impressed with Alana’s word choices and how her
slides were very accessible to other people with dyslexia. Lastly, Helen complimented Dee’s
amazing speech and wished her good luck in the upcoming competition.
All-in-all, It was a very memorable session and a thought-provoking experience!

Member blog by Malvin