Boaters Toastmasters

Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.

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Sabine’s Distinguished Award

Outstanding! This meeting was a celebration of Sabine, a member of the boaters club who has recently been awarded the distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). The DTM is something that very few people ever achieve. It took Sabine 7 years to achieve it (which is an impressively short amount of time). It has involved her completing ... read more.

Double the Meeting

This weeks meeting was our biannual meet up with the nearby club, Sunrise. The Sunrise Toastmasters club usually meets on Thursday mornings but this week joined us on Friday morning for a large combined meeting. It was great meeting this crew again! Every person brings their own style and personality to the meeting so the ... read more.