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Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.

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Fear and courage

Dan Vann was the man and toastmaster today at our Boaters meeting, leading us with the compelling theme of Fear and Courage. Ian Thornton relaunched his Toastmasters journey with his third Ice-breaker titled ‘TBC’ (to be continued). Louise Landess  told about a blog she is launching which will be celebrating great stuff being done in ... read more.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Member blog by Deb McAlpine. What a fabulous meeting! The theme of the day ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ offered up by our Toastmaster, Helen McLeod, inspired members to refer to this throughout the meeting. Ian Thornton started the ball rolling as Grammarian, quoting (without notes) an anonymous poem about an Oyster who didn’t give ... read more.

Oh the places we’ll go…

Member blog by Roydon Gibbs. Post Covid Travel: Where are you going to? That was the question Toastmaster Rachel Walton challenged us with this week at Boaters meeting number 1060. Our multicultural Boaters team took us all on a trip around the world. Canada seemed a popular destination. But there were plenty of other locations ... read more.

An uncommon Friday

Member blog by Anna Smirnova. It was an uncommon Friday morning in Boaters Toastmasters, starting with the cheerful greetings and instructions of our Sergeant at Arms of the day Alana Bogart. Using her great vocal variety, Alana chanted the theme and inspired the audience to echo her. Toastmaster Natalie Perzylo chose a theme that is ... read more.

A morning of firsts

Member blog by Gerald Hartley. A big day today at Boaters Toastmasters Meeting #1049, as we had an impressive turnout of guests for this morning’s Demonstration Meeting! Not only did we have guests attending their first ever Toastmasters meeting, but we had a lot of recent members performing roles for the very first time, which ... read more.

sabine presenting aaron with an award facing a seated audience

Gratitude… thanks for that

Team tag member blog this week – Rachel Walton & Louise Landess Today’s theme is Gratitude – Great theme always love this one. Today’s Toastmaster is Helen MacLeod, which is based on her work and this theme is a protective practice for when life gets really hard. There is hope  (Through gratitude) Our Grammarian introduced the ... read more.