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Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.

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The falafel is the best part.

The Falafel is the best part. I am still recovering from an intensive Toastmaster Meeting, which was a showcase of seasoned speakers sharing rich experiences and tools. Vivien was our Toastmaster of the day, swiftly guiding us through the session. The meeting subject was winter holidays and Vivien shared her thoughts about her upcoming holiday ... read more.


Sleep is the suspension of bodily function. As the word of the day, Grammarian Natalie explained how sleep was detrimental to every living being, from humans to flowers, as we all slumber without care and unalert. Finding Purpose in a Pandemic was the topic presented by Erika. She described her experience during the pandemic days ... read more.

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Dark times loom…

BLOG by Maria Vasquez Idea : 90% Maria – 10% chatGPT Writer: 10% Maria – 90% chatGPT Title : Capturing the Essence: AI as a Co-Author for Non-Native Speakers Bienvenidos to my Toastmasters journey! I’m Maria Vasquez, a proud Latina living in New Zealand, navigating through the beautiful English language—one Toastmasters meeting at a time. ... read more.

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

This was the theme for our meeting with our Toastmasters sculpting the meeting with Monty Python and John Cleese quotes and skits. There was an Icebreaker from one of our new members titles ‘40% Jorge’… who is 40 and living until he is 100! Lots of laughs, fun and a wonderful slide presentation. A speech ... read more.

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What’s on your Bucket List?

What’s on your Bucket List? Was the theme set by Fraser our MC for the day. As He introduced us to the various speakers today, we learned one of the bucket list items that each person had. He started by informing us that his one desire was to visit the ancient site of Petra and ... read more.

Childhood Dreams: When I grow up I want to be…..

Starting from a chilly morning of -2, it was nice and warm in the Rakaia room. Sergeant at Arms Roydon got us started with the matter of facts interspersed with a bit of humour. Toastmaster Kori welcomed us, along with new member Aaron and visitor Julian, with the theme of “Childhood Dreams: When I grow ... read more.

Loud Clothing Friday

A cold Friday morning got a vibrant splash of colour at the recent Boaters Toastmasters meeting. The theme of ‘Loud Clothing Friday’ was led by Richard Smart, who donned the Toastmaster’s hat for the first time. The meeting was entertaining with stories of Boaters members fashion mishaps… you had to be there. Shaun Jacob revisited ... read more.

Winter Sport

Member blog by Morgane Honore-Forde. Steve Kennelly always chooses great themes for our Friday morning meetings. We are continuing to operate in hybrid mode, with a few people joining from Zoom and lots of visitors in person. The theme of this meeting was winter sports. It was very entertaining, we’ve even learned about the 2nd ... read more.

Time Travel

Member Blog by David Clarkson. Toastmasters Meeting No 1088, 4th March Toastmaster was Helen McLeod – Theme of the meeting was “Time Travel” Max Delaney was the grammarian who challenged us to weave the word “Euphoria” into our speaking throughout the morning. 1st Speaker was Cam Parsonson who conducted a 25minute webinar, “How to up ... read more.

Is AFG Restaurant Open?

Member blog by Jacqui Anderson. You just never know what topics and conversations will be covered off at Boaters on a Friday morning but it is always worth jumping online (or going to a live meeting) to get your fill of new conversations. This week we began with Helen reading a poem by Winston Churchill ... read more.