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Winter Sport

Member blog by Morgane Honore-Forde. Steve Kennelly always chooses great themes for our Friday morning meetings. We are continuing to operate in hybrid mode, with a few people joining from Zoom and lots of visitors in person. The theme of this meeting was winter sports. It was very entertaining, we’ve even learned about the 2nd ... read more.

Time Travel

Member Blog by David Clarkson. Toastmasters Meeting No 1088, 4th March Toastmaster was Helen McLeod – Theme of the meeting was “Time Travel” Max Delaney was the grammarian who challenged us to weave the word “Euphoria” into our speaking throughout the morning. 1st Speaker was Cam Parsonson who conducted a 25minute webinar, “How to up ... read more.

Is AFG Restaurant Open?

Member blog by Jacqui Anderson. You just never know what topics and conversations will be covered off at Boaters on a Friday morning but it is always worth jumping online (or going to a live meeting) to get your fill of new conversations. This week we began with Helen reading a poem by Winston Churchill ... read more.

Meeting room full of people sitting at trestle tables watching a speaker at the front of the room

Spring is here – time to recharge!

Member blog: by Helen McLeod. Spring has sprung at Boaters! This morning we followed the theme of “recharge”. The meeting was opened by Rachel minus her carrots and fluffy suit from the last meeting. Dee was Toastmaster who shared that she recharges her phone every night and goes to sleep listening to stories read via ... read more.