Sabine’s Distinguished Award

Outstanding! This meeting was a celebration of Sabine, a member of the boaters club who has recently been awarded the distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). The DTM is something that very few people ever achieve. It took Sabine 7 years to achieve it (which is an impressively short amount of time). It has involved her completing ... read more.

Time Travel

Member Blog by David Clarkson. Toastmasters Meeting No 1088, 4th March Toastmaster was Helen McLeod – Theme of the meeting was “Time Travel” Max Delaney was the grammarian who challenged us to weave the word “Euphoria” into our speaking throughout the morning. 1st Speaker was Cam Parsonson who conducted a 25minute webinar, “How to up ... read more.

Thank God It’s Friday

We were in hybrid mode again this week with members in the room and on Zoom. Alana Vickery our toastmaster set the theme of the day as Thank God It’s Friday. We received some education about the weather along with the pro and cons of swimming in the Lyttleton Harbour. Our two introducers Stephen McConnachie ... read more.

Welcome Back to Reality

The first meeting of the year: Welcome back to reality! Welcome to our two guests: Nancy & Nemir. Today we were challenged to not use the word “good” for the whole meeting. Max Delaney: The Heart of the Mainland Led us through what to do throughout the year at Lake Dunstan (Cromwell) and central Otago ... read more.

Double the Meeting

This weeks meeting was our biannual meet up with the nearby club, Sunrise. The Sunrise Toastmasters club usually meets on Thursday mornings but this week joined us on Friday morning for a large combined meeting. It was great meeting this crew again! Every person brings their own style and personality to the meeting so the ... read more.

Learning New Language

Member blog by Gerald Hartley. The ‘buzz’ was in the air at meeting #1078, as Toastmaster Jacqui led our ‘Demo Day ‘ with the theme ‘What’s Your Buzz’. Our Grammarian Max was simply ‘elated’ this week. Not only did he bring along his partner Ashley as a guest, but also shared the news that he’s ... read more.

Your favourite joke

Member blog by Louise: This week the blog spotlight is on our meeting’s supporting players; on the people and roles that give the meeting structure and the speakers, feedback. And while they rarely get the glory during the hour and a half we meet, their roles allow the speakers to shine. Every meeting starts with ... read more.

Goodbye to Online – Hello again Hybrid

Last week’s meeting marked the end of our online-only meetings… unless there is another lockdown that is… Our Toastmaster Helen McLeod warmed us all into her meeting with the theme “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. A very fitting theme for everyone who attends Toastmasters. She kicked it off with some humour talking about ... read more.

Is AFG Restaurant Open?

Member blog by Jacqui Anderson. You just never know what topics and conversations will be covered off at Boaters on a Friday morning but it is always worth jumping online (or going to a live meeting) to get your fill of new conversations. This week we began with Helen reading a poem by Winston Churchill ... read more.

Spring is in the Air

Member Blog by Alannah. Spring is in the air with daffodils full, Christchurch’s parks and gardens proving that summer is on its way. Spring change was the theme at Boaters Friday morning via ZOOM. Toastmaster Steve did an excellent job at keeping us entertained with stories of Spring. Gerald spoke about Gamblers Guide to Negotiation, ... read more.