Boaters Toastmasters

Toastmaster club. District 72, New Zealand. Rakaia Building, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Madras Street, Chch.

Archives for March, 2022

Sabine’s Distinguished Award

Outstanding! This meeting was a celebration of Sabine, a member of the boaters club who has recently been awarded the distinguished Toastmasters award (DTM). The DTM is something that very few people ever achieve. It took Sabine 7 years to achieve it (which is an impressively short amount of time). It has involved her completing ... read more.

Time Travel

Member Blog by David Clarkson. Toastmasters Meeting No 1088, 4th March Toastmaster was Helen McLeod – Theme of the meeting was “Time Travel” Max Delaney was the grammarian who challenged us to weave the word “Euphoria” into our speaking throughout the morning. 1st Speaker was Cam Parsonson who conducted a 25minute webinar, “How to up ... read more.