About us

Our club

Boaters Toastmasters is a welcoming and supportive club where you will learn to improve your public speaking skills in a friendly, professional environment.

You’ll also hear interesting and entertaining speeches made by other members, learn how to become not only a better speaker, but a better listener too, and enjoy a lot of laughs along the way.

The club was started in 1998 and has been meeting weekly ever since. We welcome members of all backgrounds who are aged 18 or above.

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and fields and also represent a wide age group. A fun and relaxed environment has seen us thrive over the years, and our club continues to develop and grow.

Boaters Toastmasters, District 72,
Division D, Area D1. Our club number is 2400

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters was founded in 1924 at the Santa Ana YMCA in California by a youth leader named Ralph Smedley. He wanted to teach young professionals how to give after-dinner speeches and toasts at social functions.

Toastmasters International’s network consists of over 16,500 clubs that meet in 143 countries across the globe.

For more information visit these websites: toastmasters.org.nz & toastmasters.org

Meeting format

Members take turns giving and evaluating speeches, and filling the various other meeting roles required to make a meeting tick… including of course, the Toastmaster of the Day!

We follow an educational framework designed by Toastmasters International that will help you to improve your speech writing craft and delivery. This framework, known as Pathways, offers a broad range of projects and topics, is self-paced and you get to choose which path to follow.

Every meeting has a set agenda but responsibilities change each week and as  your confidence you will be rostered on for new roles. This allows you to not only develop your speaking skills but also your organisational and leadership skills as well.

Benefits of joining Toastmasters

Every speech that you present involves the learning of speaking new skills which will naturally become part of your speaking repertoire.

You will also to have the opportunity to use the Club’s projector for your speeches. This can be of great help if your are needing to practice a work PowerPoint presentation. An extra Boater’s bonus is that we have a hybrid meeting structure, so that if you’re unable to make it in person for some reason, you can attend and participate in our physical meetings, remotely.

The benefits these skills bring, in both social and business settings, is why Toastmasters has been such a success all around the world.

Meet our members

Sabine Parry


I joined Boaters in 2015 to become more proficient in a foreign language. Not being stuck for words when presenting, and using outstanding, extraordinary and precise words that add colour, spice and flavour is my personal challenge. Nowadays I challenge myself to improve my vocabulary in order to stand out as a leader and business owner. Toastmasters gives me a safe platform to practice this and to get feedback for my constant improvement.

Gerald Hartley

VP Education

I joined Toastmasters in 2018 with the goal of improving my communication and presentation skills, and enhance my career prospects in the tech industry. Since then, I have not only achieved these goals, but also found the confidence to take on roles within the leadership committee, where I serve as the VP Education for Boaters Toastmasters for 2020.

Esmail Fathi

VP Membership

As a sales engineer I felt I needed to have better public speaking skills and my voice heard in meetings. I joined Toastmasters in Jan 2020 and unbelievably, within a few weeks I could see a change. Boaters Toastmasters is where I learn from every moment  while also having lots of fun. To practice my leadership skills I decided to join the committee and serve as VP Membership and Sergeant of Arms. Here I serve, learn, laugh and enjoy. What else could I want?

Louise Landess

VP Public Relations

A confidant speaker, I joined Toastmasters in 2008. My mum used to say I was born talking, and stopping to think before I open my mouth has been a lifelong challenge for me. Toastmasters provides a great opportunity for me to work on this, plus I enjoy mixing with people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet and hearing stories/info I wouldn’t normally hear. It’s fun!

Dee Bigelow


I joined Boaters in February 2020 to find my voice at work in my role as Xero Advisor, as well as improving my communication skills coordinating the Mandeville Craft Festival. I am now on an exciting educational Pathway I didn’t know existed, and I am loving the learning and knowledge I gain every week from others in this fabulous group.

David Pottinger


Description coming soon!

Esmail Fathi

Sergeant at Arms

Currently serving as VP Membership and Sgt at Arms.